Beautiful Dobrogea

Welcome to the Beautiful Dobrogea! I created this site with only one thing in mind. Show the world the beauty of a simple Romanian region which has neither spectacular mountain landscapesneither powder white sandy beaches. Trough these pictures you will understand why i find Dobrogea to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. P.S.: I would like to thank cristi and all other of my many friends who provided me with pictures.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Blue light ,shine my street at night

in all, words are kind of useless on this blog, aren't they?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Shell beach

..she sells sea shells..

Dunarea Veche

A place near Tulcea in the early spring,great place for birdwatching

A little bit of Tulcea

My hometown at dusk


By the end of the summer, after the crop was harvested farmers burn their own fields
to increase productivity, storks take advantage of this moment and get near the fire catching every rodent which comes out from the ground


Stone wall in Cheile Dobrogei, the rock in Dobrogea erodes quicker due to the action of water and other natural elements. You can clearly see how this little wall flows and how water digged into it

Cheile Dobrogei

these pics represent parts of one of my favourite places in Dobrogea "Cheile Dobrogei" (Dobrogea Keys). This is the remanining key of a great river which nowadays has only about 3 feet width

Sorry for the lower quality of this pictures, i will try to get better ones soon


This picture was taken on the climb towards Saint Cassian's cave

Danube Delta

so green


Tens of thousands of starlings in the dusk, it's almoust as a biblical scene

Thursday, October 12, 2006

view from the shade

near lake Sinoe

Summer breeze

Burning yellow fields,chasing you until you rach the coolness of the forest

Sunrise.. sunrise..

Sunrise at the black sea.. on this empty beach even the sun looks better

Danube Delta 3

The esthetics of ugliness

Danube Delta

I actually have swims in this water

Danube Delta

wild,young,beautiful Danube Delta

fields of sun

When going south from Tulcea

every day a SUNday 2

just don't take this road by foot

every day a SUNday

In Dobrogea there's a scorching heat like nowhere else in Romania... But there is something beautiful in this too. this sunflower shows it perfect